Guest Reviews

Landlord Retreat Event

  • “WOW! What an amazing opportunity put together by Jeffrey and Dot. We are so pleased to have taken the time out of our intense lives to be surrounded by Landlords on STEROIDS!
    Not only were the speakers inspiring and educational, but taking the time to really talk and listen to fellow landlordites gave us many ideas of how to redirect some of our energy and has opened our eyes to other opportunities. We are on our way! Looking forward to next year!”
    Linda and Kim [CO]

  • “My favorite part was how intently the mentors were listening and taking notes from the other mentors. It is a tribute to being the best that each of them can be.
    I also liked how as time passed the circle of knowledge spread, everyone was so wanting to help each other, it felt like one big (HELPFUL) family!”
    Rick Baldaramos [NV]

  • “What a great time we had at the Mr. Landlord Retreat in St. Kitts! It was a great chance to relax with friends and family, recharge in a wonderful Caribbean setting with beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and refocus my business objectives under the guidance of our exceptional hosts and three incredible speakers.
    Jim Ingersoll brought a wealth of experience in wholesaling, flipping/rehab, buy & hold and deal making and he pointed me toward deal making in my self-directed IRA, HSA and SOLO 401k. John Bursey expanded my view of money and its role in building a rental and real estate portfolio. Anthony Chara, the man with an unmistakable Superman pose, taught how to expand into large multifamily units including team members and roles required for success and tips for safely and legally securing funding. All the speakers were “the real deal” – no fake gurus here, and they were approachable throughout the entire retreat.
    It wasn’t all work. There was plenty of time to enjoy the islands and our group excursion into the rainforest was educational and memorable. Dot and Jeffrey host an event like none other. If you’re thinking about attending next year (in the Bahamas) I certainly recommend it. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.”
    bssterl [NH]

  • “HOW DO I BEGIN?? What an awesome, amazing experience! First, the overall theme of the conference was incredible – GO ALL THE WAY (not half of the way or part of the way, but ALL the way!)
    First, I have to say that we all went ALL the way to get to that fabulous location!! St. Kitts was a beautiful, off the beaten path, island we never would have visited had it not been for Mr. Landlord. Just visiting St. Kitts and staying in that wonderful resort is an experience Alan, Dylan and I will never forget.
    The fabulous vacation experience was made even better by the fact that we learned so much from the presenters. Jim Ingersoll totally spoke Alan and my language as the majority of our rental “empire” is in single family homes in either an IRA or a 401K. John Bursey showed us ways to acquire money from investors for our rental business, and Anthony Chara, expanded our minds a bit with great ideas about how to evaluate and invest in multi-family units. All that valuable expertise was topped off by the BEST OF ALL – DOT AND JEFFREY!! We are so grateful to them for their really selfless giving of themselves, not only to teach all of us, as they have done for years, but also to go the extra mile in providing wonderful food, accommodations and entertainment for us at these events. Also, they bring this wealth of entertainment and expertise to us at a value price, which was as frugal landlords appreciate.
    GO ALL THE WAY. What a great theme it was. For some reason, this time, that idea has really sunk for me and our family. This year we are committed to getting our son Dylan to take the plunge and purchase his first property, and Alan and I have become committed to not settling for second best in other parts of our lives as well. …
    For those of you who haven’t the plunge and attended a Mr. Landlord event, I urge you to get off the couch and do so. Life is too short to not jump in and go for it – in rental properties, health, wealth, and spiritual growth. Life is too short not to go all the way.
    With gratitude and love,
    Alan, Beth and Dylan Snyder”
    Beth [KS]

  • “Jeffrey, After the Landlord Retreat conference in Puerta Vallarta I was in Mexico for three weeks, I rented a car and drove across central Mexico.  Yes some of the area was the feared cartel territory, had no problems. i’ve sent you a picture that was from on top of a small Mountain about 2 hours south and west of Mexico city. I had this picture taken because of your theme from that conference which was How to Manage from Anywhere.  It’s nice to know I can be gone for weeks at a time now from my landlording business instead of days. This was possible in large part from what I have learned from you and from your inspiration.


Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

  • “Slice of Heaven”

    “One of the best vacations of my life. Atlantis, beautiful weather, amazing people and dolphins. It doesn’t get better then that. Five nights, six days was too short for this resort since it has so much to offer. From dolphins to the aquaventure park to the theatre and marina there is something for everyone. The nightly performances in the lounge are just fabulous. The breakfast at Mosaic is superb. The omelet station is my favorite. Variety of juices are fabulous. My toddler had plenty of choices. Atlantis Pals was such a good activity and we came home with a cute keepsake. Beaches are clean and slides were super fun. Marina was a lot of fun to visit at night. Perfect for strolling. Slices of pizza at the Marina are huge and can easily feed two.”

    Maria H.

  • “All It Was Made Out to Be!”

    “For some time my wife and I had wanted to visit Atlantis. This past holiday season the opportunity arose and we decided to go. We had a lot of expectations as our friends that had been were glowing in their recommendations. They were right. We enjoyed all the resort had to offer. They met our needs even at this extremely busy time for them. The room and the view were glorious and the food options were impressive and tasty. We will definitely return!”

    Jimmy A.

  • “Atlantis is a total positive experrience”

    “… As you arrive the hotel as many staff members to immediately attend to you. You are not left confused or lost. Room service, food choices are excellent. Atlantis is a resort city. Shops and restaurants of wide variety. Very festive and some amazing things to do. A very large aquarium, casino and easy access to pools and the ocean beach. A short ferry ride ($4.00/person round trip) from the resort to the mainland. The mainland is a typical cruise port experience with many of the retail businesses you see on Caribbean cruise ports. Plenty security and friendly businesses. About one mile from the center of the town, an area called “Fish Fry” where there are 20+ restaurants. Take a cab or walk. We did not have time to go there but those to did had good reviews. There were 3-4 cruise ships in port all the time. The hotel secured the resident areas and did not allow people off the cruise ships to enter. A very good benefit to keep your hotel from being over whelmed. When the cruise ships leave, the town slows down, some business close, but not on Paradise Island (where Atlantis is located). Atlantis is open into the late hours. …”


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