2023 Instructors Soon to Be Announced

2022 Instructors


Founder of MRLANDLORD.com, Jeffrey teaches the kind of action-oriented and non-traditional information that greatly enables rental owners and managers to fill their vacancies and increase their cash flow! He, and his wife Dot, serves as the host of the conference, and will share numerous suggested changes to your management concepts that will not only help you fill your vacancies, but to do so by not just renting to “anybody”. He will host multiple training sessions all 4 days. Many of you have heard him briefly at an association meeting. Here is your opportunity to hear from and interact with him over a three day period in a very relaxed and all-inclusive resort environment.

Jeffrey’s current mission, and at this year’s retreat, is to focus on sharing strategies and exploring secrets by brainstorming with landlords nationwide on what has worked best in helping them to identify and recruit ideal residents that will be best for individual rental owners and their properties. Why rent to just anyone, when you can get residents who will result in more income, more cooperation or more retention. Jeffrey has also invited a couple of the top, experienced, real estate trainers in the country who will share of their own personal real estate growth to greater levels. More importantly, they are coming to share with us what they have learned and do differently than the typical landlord and real estate investors to achieve greater wealth and freedom. The invited trainers indeed include some of the absolute most sought after real estate instructors in the nation.

john_hyreJOHN HYRE

​John Hyre is a nationally-known attorney who speaks frequently on the taxation of real estate and self-directed IRA’s. According to our surveys, his information and style of teaching was one of the most appreciated at previous conferences and we are thrilled that he has agreed to speak again.

For the first seven years of his career, he worked at two large accounting firms and as Tax Counsel for a Fortune 500 Company. He gets corporate level taxes. For the last 17 years he has run both an accounting practice and tax law practice. He has worked extensively with small businesses, real estate investors of all sizes, note investors and self-directed retirement accounts. He’s prepared thousands of tax returns, helped thousands of clients with tax planning & tax reduction, fought the IRS in audits and in court and assisted clients in fighting IRS collection of taxes owed.

He has also invested in mobile home parks, low-income rentals and a few flips. He’s written three home study courses and numerous articles and is a frequent speaker on the taxation of real estate and IRA’s. He has successfully defended clients, including those with IRA issues, in audits and in Tax Court.

Jason Speaking Bio Pic 2020JASON PALLISER

​With 25+ years of experience, Jason Palliser has perfected the front end of real estate investment. He delivers numerous direct response off market funnels to take over markets across America. His “Blueprint” has produced thousands of homes in 138+ markets for hedge fund level companies. He sold a multi-million dollar real estate investment automation company that is still used today by some of the largest real estate education companies in the country. Systems, Automation and The Sharpest Lead Generation techniques without needing a big budget are his specialty.

Having trainer over 25,000 investors to date for multiple of the biggest RE Investment training companies and TV shows. He knows where to plug the gaps in any investor’s biz that his consultant company touches. Process and systems win the game and his Blueprint delivers both. Jason Palliser had perfected the back end of Real Estate Investment as well. Besides just mastering the front end of off market real estate investment, his Blueprint Buildouts also deliver superior investor negotiations with the Seller Waltz he teaches to clients big and small. Whether training a 12 person acquisitions team for a hedge fund or the individual investor client, his Seller Waltz approach closing sellers like an assassin is second to none. His techniques take the “Seller No” and turn it into a “Seller Yes” 10 different ways that make virtually every appointment a profitable one. We are excited that Jason has said YES to our Retreat invitation.


WrightThurstonAndWifeWRIGHT THURSTON

Wright Thurston is one of the few people in the world to have built a Million-Dollar net worth in seven (7) totally different businesses; in the areas of real estate, starting his own business, as a professional speaker, in collectibles, as a seminar promoter, in consumer direct marketing, and in CryptoCurrencies.

His current trainings on “How to Profit from Bitcoin & Other Digital Currencies” and “Secrets of Free & Discounted Travel from a Ten (10) Million Mile Traveler” are “in demand” and extremely popular with his clients worldwide. As of November 9, 2021, the value of Wright’s five cryptocurrency holdings exceeded $12 Million US Dollars.

Wright became financially independent at 30 as a result of his part-time investment activities. In only 13 months, Wright purchased five properties ranging from 6 to 25 apartment units each. By applying proven success strategies and techniques, he built a $9,000.00 a month positive cash flow and a million-dollar net worth in less than 18 months. He accomplished all of this while working his full-time job with the IBM Corporation.

The Thurston Company has now owned over 200 properties/units including apartment buildings, a hotel, a shopping mall, commercial land, and part of an exclusive, private island in Panama. The Thurston’s real estate properties have been in the United States, Canada, and Central America.

A popular and entertaining speaker, Wright has given over 3,600 presentations nationally and internationally, sharing the principles and techniques that help make businesses and individuals more successful.

Wright and Janett have been married for over 46 years. They are the proud parents of five children and, currently, thirteen grandchildren.


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